Seeing Jesus: Epiphany 2022 Prayer Practice

The following prayer practice is offered by Pastor Patrick Sipes for First Evangelical Lutheran Church in North Platte, Nebraska for the season of Epiphany 2022.

Prayer Practice

During the Season after the Epiphany, the gospel readings share stories of how Jesus is revealed to us as God’s son. For a prayer practice during this time, you are invited to take a picture of Jesus (a sample sheet is provided below), and hold it in your hands.

Begin with the picture upside down, so you cannot see Jesus. As we live our day to day life, there are often times when we don’t think about Jesus, or if we do, it might be hard to see where his presence is. Bring to you space of prayer (Body, Mind, and Heart) where some of these places are that you have trouble seeing or remembering the presence of Jesus. Ask God to reveal Jesus to you in these places this week, and then look for Jesus to show up.

Next, turn the picture over, and spend a few moments looking at your picture of Jesus. What is revealed to you about the person and Godhood of Jesus by this picture? Where do you see these same things revealed to you in the world around you? Take some time to revel in these revelations and then thank God for the times and places that you see Jesus revealed to you in the world around you.   


Images of Jesus:

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