Lent 2021 Resources for Personal Devotion

Lent is often a season when we take intentional time to work on our relationship with God.  There are many resources available for personal devotions, but, with so many choices, how do you know which is the right one for you?  This post highlights some of the resources that I have used through the years, along with fresh new resources from trusted sources.  I pray that this list will help you to find faithful devotions which can accompany you through these forty days.

Poetry and the Word:  The Salt Project

The Salt Project has published several Lenten devotions linking poetry to the themes of Lent.  My favorite (which happens to go perfectly with the texts for Lectionary Year B), is a weekly devotional entitled “The Poetry of Lent:  Mary Oliver’s Devotions.”  It costs $10.00 for a personal use license, and is a digital product that you can download to a tablet or computer or print out on paper.

Other items required include your own Bible (or online access to one) and Mary Oliver’s book “Devotions” (or online access to the specific poems cited).  You can find this resource here: https://www.saltproject.org/the-poetry-of-lent/the-poetry-of-lent-a-lenten-companion-to-mary-olivers-devotions-individual

Here is a link to the Salt Project’s other Lenten resources:  https://www.saltproject.org/progressive-christian-blog/2018/1/8/spring-is-coming-lent-customizable-short-films-and-print-resources

also available from the Salt Project:

  • Emily Dickenson and the Poetry of Lent
  • Wendell Berry and the Sabbath Poetry of Lent
  • Practicing Lent

Coloring and the Word:  Illustrated Ministry

Illustrated Ministry is a consistent, trusted resource for all ages.  They are famous for their giant coloring pages, colorful stickers, and children’s bulletins (my family is using these), but did you know that they also publish fabulous devotional resources?  They have published several new resources for this year, and I am suggesting “Where Your Heart Is” for personal devotion.  It is an all-in-one, weekly resource that you download, print out, and color, write on, and doodle through.  It is $10.00 for a personal use license, with a sliding scale for use by congregations. 

Although it has one devotion per week, I believe that there is plenty to work on through the week, so it becomes a bit of a hybrid, big bang for your buck, resource. You can find this resource here: https://store.illustratedministry.com/collections/lent/products/where-your-heart-is-an-illustrated-devotional

Here is a link to Illustrated Ministry’s other Lenten Resources:  https://store.illustratedministry.com/collections/lent?sort_by=created-descending

also available from Illustrated Ministry:

  • Psalms Devotional Guide
  •  An Illustrated Lent (Focus on Giving, Prayer, Fasting, and the Heart)

Spiritual Elders and the Word: The 40 Day Journey

This resource is an extensive collection of books, and you are invited to choose a Spiritual Elder whose work speaks to you.  It is a daily devotional that assumes that you will spend a good chunk of time with it each day.  It is a commitment, but definitely worth it.  In the past, I have explored Kathleen Norris, and this year I am planning to journey with Joan Chittister.  This is a print resource (also available on Kindle for $10.99), and the editors suggest a separate journal and pen or pencil for exploring the journal prompts. 

You can find the link to both the print and Kindle versions here: https://smile.amazon.com/40-day-Journey-Chittister-Beverly-Lanzetta/dp/0806680318/  

Here is a link to the other books in the series:  https://www.augsburgfortress.org/store/search?ss=40+day+journey&c=0

also available:

  • Kathleen Norris
  • Julian of Norwich
  • Maya Angelou
  • Martin Luther
  • Parker Palmer
  • Dietrich Bonhoffer
  • Madeline L’Engle
  • Howard Thurman

I hop you enjoy exploring these resources; drop a comment to let me know which one you are planning to use this Lent!

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